About the Kitchen Garden Program

How it all began....

In 2008, ‘Slow Food Sydney’ received a $5000 Matching Grant to help establish a school kitchen garden at Crown Street Public School.

The school community, including teachers, parents and children, worked together to not only build the kitchen garden, but also learn about food production and healthy eating.  This Matching Grant was used to buy materials and plants to build the school’s garden beds.

Following this success, the group had more ideas.

A dedicated group of parents formed the Edible Garden and applied for a second Matching Grant for $5000 to further develop the project. They proposed building a storage area to house the ever growing garden equipment and also wanted a small amount of funding to help with a community Kitchen Garden launch.

Over two years, this project was awarded $10,000. This has resulted in a haven of colourful flowers, vegetables and herbs. It has also become a great outdoor learning experience for all involved and since it started has attracted financial support from the greater community.

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