Garden Regeneration Project

- Dr Seuss

- Dr Seuss

There are five major phases for the Garden Project.

1. Planning
2. Removal of noxious weeds - stump grind
3. Garden clean-up & working bee
4. Plant new species, implement irrigation system
5. Maintenance Plan

Most of the garden regeneration has taken place in the front terraced area of the school (facing Crown Street) where we have expanded the school's current urban forest and improved the existing canopy.

Our aim was to make the school environment healthier, greener, leafier and more enjoyable for the students, teachers and parents - by regenerating this area of the school grounds and planting appropriate tree species.

There were many existing trees in this area (classified as noxious weeds) that required removal because they cause problems to the natural environment and spread further.  The noxious weeds that plagued this area include Celtis sinensis (Chinese Hackberry), Camphor laurel and Privet.  Planting new vegetation in this area will help to reduce the Chinese Hackberry re-seeding and decrease its impact on the environment.


An urban forest is a forest or a collection of trees that grow within a city.  Crown St Public School has its own Urban Forest.  Look at the all of the trees that surround the playground and school buildings.  Our urban forest not only looks good but also makes the school environment a cooler and more beautiful place to be.

Urban  forests are important as they improve the environment by filtering sunlight,air and water. They provide shelter to birds and animals and make places for kids to play in. 

Urban forests create micro climates, as they slow down the wind and storm water and provide shade from the sun. They also help by deflecting heat and making cool spaces. For example, the trees on the playground help break up the heat that is reflected off the bitumen on the playground, thereby lowing the micro temperature.

Trees are beautiful!  Look at how the trees soften the playground at Crown St, and how they provide contrast against the sandstone buildings. 

Our Urban Forest improves our air by removing carbon dioxide and returning oxygen to the atmosphere.
The trees also help by trapping pollutants,  and dust and the toxins that are created by the cars that drive past our school. 

Trees filter toxins from storm water cleansing it through their root system and they assist the soil by allowing the stormwater to be absorbed rather than down a drain into Sydney Harbour.  Our Urban Forest makes our school a better place to be!  So, next time you're in the playground look at the trees and appreciate them for all the good things they do for us.